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A coastal Southern city in Guangdong, China. Home to most overseas Chinese, and practically built up all the Chinatowns in the world for later generations. A developed and advanced city in the midst of a charming rural area known for its contribution to farming. The local Taishanese people are the most kind-hearted and caring people. Their doors are always open and they are very generous and hospitable to everyone. Overseas Taishanese have given back to Taishan generously, making its education system one of the best in the country. The home of Chinese volleyball, and historical center for international trade, Taishan has had great influence on the development of China. Taishanese was once the most widely-spoken language in Southern China, and lost to Mandarin by a small margin for the national language. All Taishanese should be proud of their roots, and not afraid to speak up! Work hard to preserve your culture!
I'd like to see more great places in China, I'm going to visit Taishan!
by chinadoll88 October 03, 2010
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Taishanese are the majority chinese in california and new york before 1990s. They average around 5'7. We have the hottest cantonese bitches a live.
Damn that chinese girl is hot. She must be taishanese.
by King of beer October 12, 2009
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Also spelled Toishan (the spelling Taishan people use).

A coastal county-level city in Guangdong Province, China. Taishanese (people from Taishan) speak the Taishan dialect of Chinese. Before the 1980s, Taishanese was the predominant Chinese language spoken throughout North America's Chinatowns.

Taishan people are widely viewed, by the Chinese community, as one of the lowest class of amongst the Chinese community. They can be identified by their poor hygiene, lack of organization and overall dirtiness.

Taishan people can also be identified by their height disadvantage, compared to other Chinese people; they are on average between 4'9" (145 cm) - 5'3" (160 cm). They are also known in the Chinese community to be extremely conniving, selfish, and greedy.
A: I was walking through Chinatown, and some short Asian guy, who smelled like moth balls a dog shitted out, pushed pass me.
B: What a fucking cunt! He must have been Taishan.
by M.C. Flurry May 11, 2009
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