A film maker from New Zealand who can get it anywhere, anytime. He got that silver fox vibe about him that makes him irresistible to all girls and boys.
Taika Waititi is the only man that can ruin my life.
by hallebrown April 12, 2020
The king and god of the gays, such a fruity and a legend he is, and like being fair, this man cannot play a straight character I swear in the films he write or direct only fictional Hitler (Jojo rabbit) , Alamein (Boy) and the minister ( Hunt for the Wilderpeople) are straight then his other characters are gay which is so Taikussy we love him for that.
Taika Waititi I love that guy so much the way Arthur Harrow from moon knight loves Ammit so I want to start a cult, like if Arthur can have his cult for Ammit I can have my cult for Taika.

My fave filmmaker is Taika Waititi because I feel like I can identify myself in all his films.
by PraiseAmmit3000 April 21, 2022
Our modern New Zealand God.

Usually used when referring to this awesome film director and actor well known for Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
Person 1: Praise our new God.

Person 2: Who dis ?

Person 1: Taika Waititi.
by ataikaworshipper March 11, 2018