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A nice, kind girl who always does what's best for everyone. She is intelligent and has a good heart. Has a lot of haters e.g Ihsans, Halimahs and Rofiahs.
That halimah hates you youre such a Taibah
by Yato__gami June 08, 2018
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a very bitchy person who wants all the attention. she only goes to people she wants something from, she's a user. she may come across as a loyal and nice person but inside she's a nasty bitch. she has really bad mood swings and is a drama queen. she wants everything to go her way and if it doesn't she will not talk to you and wont even tell you what's wrong. it's best to stay away from taibahs...
she was acting like a taibah
by fatima is the leader February 23, 2018
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