Tahliah is a very sweet and kind girl who loves animals and shows a true genuine attitude to supporting others. She is very lively and energetic brightening every room she walks into. She often has a very cute voice and is graceful like an angel.

She gets scared by roadmen but is normally quite comfortable around guys. Guys might even think that she's into them but really and truly she is simply compassionate with whom she considers herself close to.

If you know a Tahliah, you are incredibly lucky!
'Hey who's that girl that just walked in? The room is so much brighter!'
'Oh her? Yeah that's just Tahliah. She's perfect.'
by The clouds February 20, 2022
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Tahliah is a very stubborn being who will not accept who she is. Tahliah loves babies and wants to be a mother, she tries to get with anyone she meets, even if they are 15 years older than her but she doesn't like younger people. Tahliah usually has thick, wavy hair and wears a lot of makeup she likes dogs and rabbits and doesn't like sushi. You aren't lucky to know a Tahliah but you are lucky too.
"Tahliah doesn't want to go to the shops because she doesn't wan anyone to see her without her doll or makeup."
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She's a pretty girl with dark hair, who's fairly touchy with guys so you'll think she's into you but when you try hit on her she says "ewww". She's terrified by roadmen and her biggest achievments are surviving ean encounter with them and being the first girl in Kacper's house.
"Hey who's this girl running from guys in puffer jackets"
"Oh her? that's Tahliah they're her phobia"
by Pow3rooni February 20, 2022
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