Baddest mutha known to human nature. Shes the most stunning, beautiful, admirable, addorable woman ever. Shes probably a ninja or some other kickass profession eg. owner of your ASS/MUM. And the best wing attack ever known to the universe. She should be able to fly because of her stunning beauty and she definately makes it rain. You can't deny her talent because everything you can do, she does better. Tahlea will never be gumby or lanky and is able to jump and land without her ankles shaking.

Tahlea is able to sore through the sky and kill you just with her stunning beauty. But she will never show it because everyone will be jealous and try and kill her, then she will have to kill them.
Anyone who sees Tahlea wants to have sex wit her. This is not only for males but females aswell. Her sexiness is most undeniable.

She is an absolute hottie and when ever she walks into a room everyone wants to be a her
Male one: OMG I love her!! She is sooo Tahlea
Male two: YES!! Why is there a dead man over there?
Male one: He must have been killed by Tahleas stunning beauty
by gangster gee August 25, 2009
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