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Tahjzaya is the most amazing, beautiful, joyful girl you will ever meet. She always smiling and always happy. Her laughter will make you laugh. She is very sporty. She doesn’t care what people think about her or say. She has good style and you never see her looking trashy. She will make you smile when you having a terrible day. Her voice is amazing and she has a one of a kind personality. You will never find another girl like her. She’s funny. She don’t mess with people that are fake to her. She loves to chillin and eat all day. She will do anything to accomplish her goals. She follows her dreams. Also she is artistic and she will do anything to protect her family. She is the strongest girl you we’ll ever meet. And she type has anger issues. But her smile will blow you away.
Boy #1: who’s that
Boy #2: oh her, that’s Tahjzaya
Boy #1: she’s beautiful, I have to have her
by May 18, 2018
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