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A boy who lives on the Washington coast. He is slightly OCD and he can be forced into things by other people. He's skinny and weak, also Native American. Other people force him to ask trees if they can make canoes out of it. Taha Archie asks, and then he has to make the canoe.

Taha Archie is easily manipulated, often into making a canoe. He played flute in the first Native Rap band. Taha Archie is a nerd and gets all A's in school, but he is haunted day and night by frequent dreams of a giant black wolf.
"My children, now you shall hear the legend of Taha Archie."
"Grandpa, why can't we ask him? He's sitting right next to me."

Harrison: "Hey, Billy, you makin' a canoe?"
Billy: "Yeah, but only because my cousin told me to."
Harrison: "You're such a Taha Archie."
by GabiFromTheREZ July 15, 2010
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