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(Tahg-lhay): An uncommon surname of Portuguese descent that migrated to the port city of Santander, Cantabria in Spain during the mid 1700's to late 1800's.

Easily confused and commonly placed with the French for "Shut up" from wrongful pronunciation, "Ferme la bouche"(Shut your mouth) is French for STFU - Got it?
Only one celebrity in the Western world uses Tagle as their stage surname; Anna Maria Perez de Tagle from Disneys "Hannah Montana".

And Yes, that's right, it's my surname so ferme la bouche.
by Professor B February 04, 2010
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pronounced; Tag-le (Tahg-lhay)

Un-common surname originating from Portugal during mid 1700's and immigrating to the port city of Santander, Cantabria in Northern Spain during the 1800's.

The Tagle name has sailed across the seas in that time and has been found in countries like Peru, Argentina, Panama and lastly Japan and The Philippines due to the familial standards of that time where families of 9 or more were common-place.

Mis-pronounced it is easily confused with the French for "Shut-up" - "Ta-guelle" and is considered OFFENSIVE.

'Tagle' is of Portuguese/Spanish decent (Some researchers say it is of Noble/Royal heritage) and is phonetically pronounced "Tahg-lhay"
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle;

American Actress
"Hannah Montana" Television show

Disney & The Disney Channel.
California, USA

Casa de los Sánchez Tagle;

(Noble House of Sánchez Tagle)
Calle de Velasco
Cantabria, Spain.

Bryan T. Brookes (Bryan Tagle Brookes)
Writer, Cartoonist, Actor & Independent Film Producer
Currently resides in Texas, USA
by Professor B February 05, 2010
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(ta gueule) A frenchy STFU. Ta gueule means shut up in french, tagle is the "english way" to pronouce it.
by Jonathan Pepin September 23, 2007
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