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1)A North Korean long range missile ICBM that was tested on July 5, 2006 and failed 40 seconds after launch, landing prematurely in the Sea of Japan, 200 miles west of Japan.Taepodong-2 is the successor to Taepodong-1.In common usage simply saying Taepodong will do. Easiest western pronunciation would be:Tay-poe-dong.Now can denote a premature failure of any new product.2)More relevantly, since July 5,2006 the word Taepodong can now also be used as another term for premature ejaculation.This is expected to be the new term in popular culture. Can be also be used as a verb: Taepodonged.3) Fast food outlet that can prepare cuisine faster than any other "fast food company”. CAUTION: never use in or in reference to North Korea or a person from there, as they are very sensitive about this matter, please show some cultural respect.
1)"The Taepodong-2 missle launch was a failure, a real flop."
"Our new detergent that only gets out elephant dung stains isn't going over too well in Alaska, it's a Taepodong".
2)"In bed that guy lasted as long as a Taepodong."
"Don't try to have sex with him Kimmy, he's a regular Taepodong.
"oh, crap, she was so hot that I Taepodonged, and she threw me out."
3)"First I Taepodonged with my new date and was so depressed that I had to eat, so I went to a Taepodong and got a half cooked wiener in 40 seconds."
by entmologist July 09, 2006
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