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Tacoma + Comatose | tah / coma / tose

When you are incapable of moving your body because you've had too much fun in Tacoma, WA
Barb went out for drinks in Tacoma, but Tom had to take her home, as she had become tacomatose.
by May 20, 2014
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If you're in Tacoma, WA., and you're bored, then you are said to be Tacomatose.
When I first moved there, and didn't have any friends, I was Tacomatose more often than not.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
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Tah / co / mah / tose

A combination of the words taco and comatose, it is the product of gorging oneself on "Mexican" food, particularly from Taco Bell.

Following symptoms may include : Disconnection from reality, stomach pains, taco-shits, enlarged pant size, etc.
After seven double-decker tacos and three bean burritos last night, I fell into a tacomatose.

After Billy woke from his first tacomatose, he learned to limit himself when going to Taco-Bell
by PHS/CHS Archer September 22, 2011
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