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Like a teabag, but done by a female.
Dude 1: Dude my girlfriend totally gave me a taco touchdown last night!
Dude 2: Oh shit dude that's pretty sweet!
by HapeeLlaama January 30, 2017
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A not-so-often used phrase which can mean multiple things:

1) (V) The act of sticking one's scrotum into a taco. It is optional whether to attempt to cook it or not.

2) (ADJ.) A synonym for crouching repeatedly over a dead player in an FPS like HALO or CoD.

3) (V) What someone does to celebrate a goal in a game of rugby/football. After touching the ball down, the scorer leaves it on the ground and does push-ups with their crotch over the ball.
1) JOHNNY: Man, school was a real f*cker today. I'm

gonna go do a taco touchdown.

JAMES: Ooh, I'll bring the sauce!

2) JOHNNY: Eat lead, James! *machine guns him to death*

JAMES: Oh no, not the taco touchdown!

3) JOHNNY: *scores tri and starts dry humping the ball*


JAMES: Ah sh*t, not again...
by iDWiA739 September 22, 2011
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