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Time that you can't tell.
A broken watch (expensive watch with high technology) with big hands and a big face.

"Hey, I can't tell the time on this tacky meter watch!"
by LadiiP September 07, 2011
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Not to be confused with its kissing cousins tachymeter (measures distance) and tachometer (measures engine-speed), this GPS-oriented dashboard-mounted instrument informs you of how tacky your vehicle will appear to other humans in your current locale.
Depending on the predominant type of folks in a given area, your insipid-styled '86 Pontiac 6000 sedan could be judged as "tacky" or "rad". Portable tackymeters are also available for wearing on your belt or slipping into your pocket if you are simply on foot instead of driving, so that you can know how favorably your attire or physical appearance will "sit" with the majority of the locals.
by QuacksO March 08, 2018
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