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A person who commonly trades sexual favors for Taco Bell or other fast food. Menu items and quantities play a key role in what the payment will be.
That Lindsey is such a Tac'ho; she gave Bobby a blowjob for bringing her a chalupa.
by CptNotAHo January 11, 2017
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When you are broke, and find your self with only taco shells and cheese.... voila... TACHOS
by Spank Me Hard April 30, 2003
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Young Money, ROSS! Maybach Music, G.O.O.D Music
Going and getting H.A.M.
Monica"Did you see Tacho?"
Veronica "Yeah, he was going H.A.M!!"
by seeeeeevvvveeeeennnn!!! February 15, 2011
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Nachos, with taco seasoned beef.
"Yo Heather, I brought stuff for Tachos!"

- "Tachos aren't a real thing! They are just the way people make Nachos!"
"Tachos are real! Check Urban Dictionary! Question EVERYTHING!"
by BaconSteak January 03, 2014
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