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Possessing too many tabs on the internet browser of your cell phone, tablet, or computer and strict refusal to close them because you feel like you're going to need them in the near-future.
Dude 1: Hey bro do you mind if I search up the nearest restaurant on you safari app?
Dude 2: Have at it man!
Dude 1: Bro, you have so many tabs open on your browser and I can't open a new one can I close them?
Dude 2: NO! I need all those tabs open!
Dude 1: you're such a tabaholic... I don't know if I can be your friend anymore.
by andthen??? January 23, 2017
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Term referring to those who are addicted to Tab soda.
Dude, I've been drinking like 17 Tab sodas a day!
Whoa, you're such a Tabaholic!
by shannonberryshortcake September 04, 2008
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