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The Tab-Hoarder is one who is reluctant to close internet tabs, usually resulting in a buildup of chaotic tab clutter on the browser toolbar.

Sometimes results in "Browser - Paralysis".

Usually consists of multiple YouTube windows, a few StumbleUpon tabs, Facebook,, I-players or random episodes of pirated TV shows etc...
The Tab-Hoarder will always choose to open (yet another) "new tab" instead of overwriting current browse window. It may come in use later.

- "No wait - don't close that window - I might come back to it later."

β€’ reserve useless tabs in the mind for future use : as adj. ( hoarded)
by ebh1zaza February 07, 2012
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Somebody who has an excessive amount of tabs opened up on his/her web browser.
Mike has 42 tabs open... such a tabhoarder!
Sam actually hit the Firefox tab limit whilst tabhoarding.
by CmdrWeakness November 30, 2010
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Someone who never deletes their tabs on their web browser. To have lots of tabs open.
My brother is a tab hoarder, he never deletes his porn tabs.
by Alphaseeker2099 May 08, 2018
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