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1. The act of enclosing one's fingers into a fist-shape then moving it quickly towards one's mouth; gently touching the circular part of your fist that is made by one's thumb and one's forefinger, then saying the word "TThouu" with a major accent on the "T" part of the word , while lowering one's shoulders and opening one's eyes wide.
2. TThougg can be used to express excitement, shock, sarcasm in any kind of situations.
3.It can be used as an excuse to avoid akward situations.
4."Shit" has a simmilar meaning but "TThough" is preferred.
It can be used in the following situations.

1.Jim had sex with Raul's girlfriend and Raul figured it out on the following day.

Raul: I heard you fucked my girlfriend the other day. Jim: TThou!

2.It is used when someone gets meghed.
3.When someone mind-meghs you
4. When someone gets 99% on their tests.
5. When someone forgets to bring his or her hw.
6. When someone draws penises on teachers desk.
7. When a fat chick walks by you

Ex. "TThou!!", Lose some fucking weight!
by TThou March 23, 2010
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