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While IMing:

A: yo, ttm
B: what does that even mean?
A: talk to me
B: oh, haha. what's up?
by derkaiser713 September 19, 2010
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TTM (Talk To Me OR Text To Me): Shortened form to basically say "I need/want to hear back from you ASAP!".
When Carla got back from her vacation in Jamaica, I couldn't wait to hear all the details!!! I sent her a text as soon as I knew her plane landed simply putting "TTM!!!!!" ...Needless to say, she called me as soon as she got out of the airport with all of her updates!!
by Emonowski June 03, 2016
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TTM an abbreviation for 'To The Max' also has an alternate spelling 2tM. And also has an extention eTTM meaning 'Extreme To The Max' used in wild situations
"Wow this game is awesome TTM!"
"This Nachos is eTTM! its like a fiesta in my mouth!"
by -benji- October 14, 2006
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it stands for "talking to myself" , when that person you're talking to on-line doesn't talk, so you say ttms, so that they realise they've ditched you.
Roro: i think star wars was really good! have you seen it?
Vicky: ...
Roro: ttms ¬¬
by vixvent December 10, 2010
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it means to talk to me, like if you're on myspace and u don't know if the person is still online you say talk to me
"ttm when you get online"
"she didn't even ttm today, she just went right past me"
by jojodahislandgurl September 06, 2007
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Talk too much..

See... i made this word up so it would crticize they person so they wont talk so much next time...

Its Really Annoying ;P
15:03(Guy 1 ):Hey Have You The Events ?
15:04(Guy 1 ): Its awesome
15:05 (Guy 2):You TTM Boy..
by ZeroGravityJackoax January 09, 2009
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