While IMing:

A: yo, ttm
B: what does that even mean?
A: talk to me
B: oh, haha. what's up?
by derkaiser713 September 19, 2010
TTM (Talk To Me OR Text To Me): Shortened form to basically say "I need/want to hear back from you ASAP!".
When Carla got back from her vacation in Jamaica, I couldn't wait to hear all the details!!! I sent her a text as soon as I knew her plane landed simply putting "TTM!!!!!" ...Needless to say, she called me as soon as she got out of the airport with all of her updates!!
by Emonowski June 4, 2016
Hey what's wrong, you seem upset, you can ttm.
by polight April 6, 2021
An acronym for The Tallest Magician, an instafame magician who is 6 feet 11 tall
Look at this TTM, he’s so famous and bright
by Sinberliving June 13, 2020
That Tickled Me

That last forum post was funny, but only just
by Meshan July 13, 2009
Total Taber Marc, dækker over begrebet, at være totalt handi og blive drillet af alle, inklusiv ens egen lærer.
Marc Godsk er definitionen på TTM
by Marcs mor October 11, 2012
1. an abbreviation for "Total Tom Move". The single greatest insult any fraternity pledge can receive from another pledge. Only to be used to cause serious emotional and/or mental damage. Equivalent to the f-bomb in terms of vulgarness.

2. Of or relating to anything Tom might do. If you ask the question WWTD, ALWAYS do the complete opposite.
1. "Did you hear about what Tom did with the girl and the blanket on Beach Weekend?"
"Yea man, such a TTM"

2. "I really want to skip out on guard duty tonight man"
"Don't do it! that would be such a TTM"
by A Non-Tom Pledge October 11, 2011