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TT10, formally known as the "Team Force 10". It's still unknown as to how the second 'T' came into play since the second word is 'Force', so historians believe that the name must have been thought up by a ranga and a blonde who did not know how to read their own writing.

The TT10 is made up of more than ten members -once again pointing to the idea that it was thought up without a second thought, others believe that it just sounded better and less of a mouth full. The group is made up of these hero's/slightlylessevil villians:

The Flash
The Green Lantern
The Green Arrow
The Human Tourch
The Sand Man
Invisible Woman
Robin/Nightcrawler (he's got multiple personality disorder)

This acquiesced group of super powered beings came together in a quite un-inspirational scene, as each were a little peeved by the fact that many of the latest movies did not include them. Even with The Green Lantern, Batman, Batgirl and Hawk-eye's popups in the past couple of years, each of these special people thought they deserved a little recollection.
They now make it their thing to make sure that when people like Superman and Iron Man ask to join, they say no.
Used in great rushed of excitement and bewilderment: "OH-MY-TT10, it's Captain America!"

Used for a describing word of badassery: "He is so TT10."
by The Flash. June 25, 2013
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