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A person with TT Arms is someone who acts like a T-Rex more than 60% of the time. People with TT Arms will often seek attention and screech until someone notices them. TT Arms can be achieved by tucking in half of your arm into your shirt sleeve or just simply bending them until your hands are about three inches away from your face. TT Armed people are often triggered and become aNgAry when you ask what is wrong with them.
person 1: who is that boy always acting like a t-rex?
person 2: oh, that's TT.
person 1: who?
person 2: TT. We call him that because he always seems to have his arms tucked in his shirt so it looks like a dinosaur.
person 3: we don't mess with TT Arms, they are often triggered.
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by TheWanderingCarrot April 20, 2017
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