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A party for Seniors who survived the demanding 2 years in the depths of the International Baccalaureate dungeon. It is based on the title of the jargonistic required class for all IB students, "TOK" or Theory of Knowledge. Everyone from the IB fuck ups to the primp Valedictorian are to attend. Some kids are used to partying it up on the weekends while still maintaining a rank in the Top 10 % while others who attend may be enjoying their first beer or shot of Vodka.

Most IB seniors exempt out of all finals, so the TOKegger happens while the rest of the non-IB world is "studying" for their not-difficult finals.
20th in Class Student: Hey! Are you going to the TOKegger tomorrow night?

Valedictorian: Yeah I guess, can't wait to try my first beer!
by ibgeniuzzzz June 14, 2011
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