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Contemporarily known as, "The Life of Pablo" or Kanye West's album drop of 2016.
"I'm like totally into Beyonce right now."

"Nah dude, go listen to some TLOP, it'll redefine your outlook on music..and life."
by lifeofmexicans May 22, 2016
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Acronym. Terminal Lack Of Pussy.

A condition that arises in heterosexual males (or, possibly, homosexual females) who have not had sexual intercourse in a long period of time.

Symptoms include irritability, lack of concentration,lowered standards, hairy palms and morning wood.

Pronounced "Tee-lop"
"Man, it's been six months since I got it on. I've got TLOP so bad, your mom's looking good!"
by Nick Folzie October 31, 2005
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