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A faux jutsu used by Kakashi-sensei in the anime Naruto. The technique basically consists of the user sneaking behind the anime, sticking his/her index fingers into the enemy's anus and thrusting the enemy into the air, hence a thousand years of pain.

Naruto later customizes this technique. Instead of thrusting the enemy into the air, Naruto leaves a firebomb in the enemy's anus.
Proctologist: "Ok, this is going to feel a bit weird."

Patient: "What the fuck, doc? Are you trying to do the THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN on me or what?"
by DesPERRYado October 15, 2005
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Ancient Kung Fu Move. Mostly Forbidden to do.
When someone put there hands together with the index finger up side by side, and stick it's up someone's ass.
To finish someone off, do the thousand years of pain
by VIETLORD May 07, 2008
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