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Any loud car driven by a woman of compromised values or loose morals.
She that bitch roll thru in her Thotmobile bumpin like that hoochie mamafrom the movie Friday?
by apachetimes December 23, 2014
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Thotmobile. Chicagoland term for females who drive mid 2000 year make/models Pontiac Grand Prix or Chevrolet Impala that chase around the Legendary Box Chevys or G-Bodiez AKA Cutlass, Malibus, Monte Carlo etc.
Man we was swerving on 26's in da 86 Box Landau, and the Thotmobiles came out in hoe force. Buddy they was wild n out with them cheap goofy ass 22 inch Jallanos.
by Kaper Pai 815 January 27, 2019
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