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when you're with your boii or gurrrl you slowly carass their inner thigh and whisper softly into their ear "roll over, baby. roll over my little pumpkin tits." you slowly remove their garments exposing their buttox. kiss them from the back of their neck to the hiney crack and lick. now it gets spicy. lick up and down the ass crack. if you're a male, lick from the bottom of the "peach" and work your way up. girls, work your way down to the ballsack. wait for a big moan and a wet DOG FART. (to enhance pleasure and passion, use chocolate frosting)
me and my babii gurl do the hush puppy kiss all the time.
after i do it, she sings "Tomorrow" from the play Annie. then i regurtitate all over her back and we exchage places. but i sing "My Sacrafice" by Creed. this really gets things hot and steamy.
by Felix Stone July 16, 2006
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