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testing The Boundery's of Tolerance ...
During an InterVeiw/video taping of a Homeless Man, After watching what I had filmed & The Questions that I asked, I realized that I was Not Phased to ask the Honest & Truthful, Heart Breaking Questions withOut Hesitation, & I Knew right Then That tolerance Had been ONE sided & That Both side of tolerance need tobe Seen, so I started TESTOLERANCE

I Learned that The Things that the majority of Us,
Should Be Tolerant of, We are NOT
The Things that We Should NOT be Tolerant of, We ARE ...

Thus , I set forth on this journey of testing TOLERANCE

They Say, We SHOULD
I say, We Don't,
just Say SHOUNT ...

The 1st. thing I said to the homeless Man after I introduced him & sat down on the CardBoard, Even Though he offered his milk crate, I let him keep it & sat on the ground, well his living room rug , & said, So Patrick, you seem like a Purdy HAPPY GUY, RIGHT What would you say to that & He replied, Oh Yes, I'd say Fair to Partly Cloudy, but Mostly happy,
I'd say Yes...
WOW, It hit me right then ...

I could NOT have Pulled Over Every person driving by on that HighWay, Who was in a Car that was New & or worth more than 50,000 &
I bet after 100 of them, NOT one would say, Yes & Mean It as Much as Patrick did that day ...
by Ace Banger, The Guru February 03, 2009
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