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TBTC is an acronym for "Too Blackout To Care." It is used to describe a person who is at such a level of intoxication that they cannot be bothered by trivial matters.
Those guys who just walked in aren't even part of her birthday bar tab, but Reena is TBTC right now.

That place we're going to in the Meatpacking District is charging a $40 cover, but we are TBTC.
by AKB007 July 01, 2012
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TBTC is an acronym for a global male sexual empowerment movement called Take Back The Cock. The basic mission of the movement is to restore the apparent inequity between females and males in terms of who is in control of dictating the timing, duration, and frequency of sexual intercourse.
My friend complained to me that he thought he was going to go home with a girl but got denied, so I said, "TBTC or STFU!1"
by tulasi February 24, 2004
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"TBTC," is an acronym for Too Big To Care. It's another way for us big folks to say fuck you and still appear nice. It is synonymous with "TBTF," or Too Big To Fail which includes our government, most of our banks, and GM.
Brad: Hey I am just short of my mortgage payment by $100, do you think... is there any way I could get an extension?

TBTC: I am sorry we are TBTC on this issue.

Fast forward one year later: Brad has adopted a radical crash diet known as freeganism. He's lost 30 lbs, and thanks to TBTC he has no proper place bathe, sleep or eat. He finds a bag of what appears to be safe Chinese food. He catches swine flue, and 4 hours later dies on a park bench in New York City. Since Brad has no family other than his sister--who happens to be on vacation in China--he is buried in an unmarked, mass grave.
by Celaries October 17, 2013
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