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This is a technical role, requiring previous automotive technical experience and good communication skills
TAC (Technical Assistance Center) AgentA job working in a call centre with no benefits or opportunities, for a company whose name you can't say or spell unless you have a Bombay postcode, windows optional!!
Any applicants will be accepted so long as you can avoid taking calls phone in sick every time it snows,

Technical experience is not required if you can pick up a phone and take calls you can do this job,, as the Team leaders say you are not employed to fix cars you are here to take calls,
Normally your pay would reflect your experience but not in this role, we pride ourselves at Minacs we reward the employee’s with poor attendance and very little motor trade experience who normally would be sacked in any other job because of the amount of mistakes they have made but not at Minacs we give our staff time out for someone to one table football training, and as many courses as we can get you on..
Holidays you can take them when we say you can take them but we refuse to let you have time off for funerals.
Please apply if you like crap pay no benefits

We are also seeking Parts assistance consultants
Any experience working in KFC in Luton will guarantee you a job in the parts assistance centre as long as you can release calls and not raise cases , travelling expenses to and from work will be paid if your Mother's name is Debbie,
by tobycarvery1 April 27, 2010
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