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toes tits and teeth. Used in dancing backstage, reminding everyone to smile, point there toes and to stick there chest out.
ok class, remember T.T.T as soon as you enter the stage
by SORY July 28, 2010
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Trouble in Terrorist town, a Garry's Mod gamemode involving terrorists, traitors, innocents, and detectives.
Guy: Hey, want to play some TTT?
Guy 2: Aw hell yeah imma cut up some TRAITORS!
by Ignited Velocity July 22, 2010
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Schools ranked in third tier according to US News & World Report. Typically used by pre law students on the Princeton Review Board, board to refer to schools that they consider "beneath" them based on their LSAT/GPA scores.
Pace Law is a total TTT!
by Esquire March 27, 2005
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Acronym : To The Top

This is mainly used in discussion boards where you bring your thread back up to the top so others may see it and can respond.
I have to ttt my thread since no one is replying
by alphafemale September 02, 2002
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Third tier toilet, a term referring to crappy colleges for idiots.
by I Heart XOXO September 05, 2004
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Triple T (TTT) stands for "top tier tits." These are breasts that are in an elite class and cannot be beat. These are tits to die or kill for.
Damn! Check out the TTTs on that broad! She could smother me to death with those and I would die a happy man!
by Mikey Bibbles March 02, 2013
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