(FINANCE) a bond issued by the US Department of the Treasury. Unlike longer-term bonds, with regular scheduled interest payments, a T-bill is purely discounted. In other words, the lender--the person buying the bond--pays a price lower than the face value of the bond. When the bond matures (after, say, 91 days), then the buyer is paid the face value.

The yield on the T-bill is usually very low; for example, yesterday 13-week T-bill rates were 4.01%. Their price is set at auction.
People usually suppose that the Federal Reserve System sets interest rates, but this only applies to the federal funds rate. The rates on other treasury securities, like T-bills, are set by auction.
by Abu Yahya May 14, 2010
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like the sex act of t-bag or t-bagging, this has to do with a stockbroker sticking his thick, firm, long-term government bond in and out of a throat.
i t-billed your wife greenspan
by john really brown November 16, 2006
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