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A person who when performing an exercise, either performs too many repetitions or loses count of how many repetitions he/she should have done.
"How many reps are you gonna do?"
"I don't know man, I lost count"
"So stop being a T-Reps!"
by JKall day November 05, 2007
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Treps, short for entrepreneurs: people who take risks and build businesses. Use was started on Twitter, to help keep Tweets under the 140 character limit. "Treps" most often refers to people who start a business with a lot of passion and little (or no) money.
Treps are the REAL job-creators, not old guys in suits!
by TalabesianLogic August 03, 2012
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a young business mogul; the new movers and shakers; short for entrepreneur
one of these treps is going to be the one that changes the world.
by Dave Walsh January 05, 2005
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Short name for Dodge InTREPid car. Most Dodge Intrepid users use this name to make it cooler from than the original name.
I love my Dodge Trep.
by Vanenix May 25, 2012
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Short for "Intrepid" when referring to the Dodge Intrepid sedan.
"I made a nice kill against a Stang with my Trep last night!"
by GUNDY December 02, 2003
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