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To make something seriously awesome, extremely creative, completely epic; brings a uniqueness to it and makes it better...
T-Pain, for example, makes songs like "I'm On a Boat" SO much better and more unique. "T-Caining" comes from T-Pain, but it's better, because it's unique and different, which is what "T-Caining" is. It is the action of making something better, more unique or just making it AWESOME.
Did you bedazzle your shoes?
Ya dude. I just t-cained my shoes.
by kelsokelso8 June 21, 2011
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An disorganized student with a cuboid head, who often forgets to hand in homework on time or at all. They often uses technical vocabulary, none of which they actually knows the meaning of (e.g. they will talk about quantum physics or astrophysics even though they have no idea what they are talking about). This is a sign of severe lack of common sense and IQ. They also frequently beg for food, despite the fact that they are wealthy enough to go to private school and an infinite number of in and out of school clubs (LAMDA lessons, tuba lessons etc), and due to this they are often extremely late to class, which doesn't really make much of a difference anyway because they spend most of their lessons drooling or staring at the ceiling. On the other hand tcains people can be quite funny and you can have good banter with them.
random guy 1: LOL! That is the 5th time this week that that box head kid forgot to hand in his homework, and it is only Tuesday!

random guy 2: He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Once he tried to impress me by talking about quantum physics, but when I asked him what it meant he couldn't provide a coherent answer! It is like the lights are on but no ones home!

random guy 1: what a tcains!
by Phil Mi Groin October 17, 2018
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