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That Bitch Over There; derived the slang THOT(That Ho Over There) Used when Ho just isn't enough.
"Goddam T-Bot just cut me off! She's going to kill somebody driving like that!"
by Brine Meech June 19, 2015
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noun. Robot Humanoid from the future. AKA tsen In the year 2075, when the earth became separated into two factions, the mullets and the tupee's, a man who possesed both a mullet and a tupee rose to power by creating an army of machines. The evil Dr. Bastone, a distant decendent of one of Vincent Bastones many baby mommas, was finally crushed by a rebellion of sideburnless creatures known as The Frankays. In a last effort to regain his power, Dr. Bastone creates his last robot, Tbot, and sent him back in time to harvest a new army of bots and destroy Frankay. After his arrival in Canada, he was adopted by a crazed family of Dutchmen, and was fathered by William J. Serpico, when a mysterious James character abducted him and returned to ny. There he succeeded in performing poorly in school and frying his lenses in an unfortunate attempt to see threw Rudy's sisters clothes. When he finally found his target Frankay, many people were killed in a gang related incident untill Russo arrived in all his brolicness, and annoyed Tbot into submission by using the intense strength of salcasm (a dialect of sarcasm). Although Frankay was not destroyed, he was converted into a bionic man much like Tbot. The mad scientist, Dr. Bastone, was infuritated by this so he recruited his mullet/tupee ancestor Vin Bastone, to spread the rare STD of DiGiacomosis on them. His plan backfired when Tbot shaved Vin's mullet, thus removing all his power.
"That car is driving as slow as shit, it must be Tbot"
"Stop throwing sausages at me, Tbot"
"There is oil leaking out of your ass, Tbot"
"Hey Tbot, can you charge my phone please"
"I think Tbot's circuits are fried"
"Sally, lets go to the
by cbot December 22, 2003
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The ever popular model T robot. Running on MS-DOS it is the most primitive robotic object created, shortly missing out on the spot right above that old toaster you threw out because it kept zapping you whenever you went within 5 feet of it. In its day it had the most advanced form of voice synthisization available, however, by todays standards it is easily outstripped by Stephen Hawking and the local 'tard. Another flaw of the T-Bot is its inability to acnowledge its mistakes, and to a large extent deny that it is completely and utterly owned by anything and everything.

My T-Bot is a complete choad
by David Buggery October 03, 2006
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A variant of the popular games console, 'xbox'. When updated, can be used to refer to the 360, making it become the tbot 490
Fancy a quick spiel on the old tbot?
by Tbot490 March 23, 2009
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