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T H M - Thorpey Herpes Mouth

A condition where the carrier has been around the block so many times in ones 106 Gti that he has herpes mouth. The condition is contagious, it has been discovered that members of society most at risk are the female under 16's but it can be passed on to males through female carriers.
I kissed a bird last she had the worst breath ever
Mate she has T H M - Thorpey Herpes Mouth
by Florence Harper23 April 30, 2008
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Total Hurmat Move, is a phrase the originates from Lahore, Pakistan. It's a Bourgeoisie phrase to describe a situation in which an individual is not familiar with the topic of discussion but chooses to participate, and in doing so has the effect of souring the topic of discussion.
Dude, she doesn't even fucking watch GoT but she wanted to act cool and told everyone the dragon died. What a THM.
by ChimkadarMan August 26, 2017
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