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Sziedi/sziedism is a polytheistic religeon that began in sumeria and was started primarily by oppressed women who refused to be subordinate. One of the gods that is known is Lilith. They believed that the goddess lilith had bestowed upon them a divine secret knowledge and that only through excercise of power can change of the status quo ever be achieved. Not much is known of their rituals , magicks , and idealogies. Being a very secretive society they are fiercely loyal to one another and don't share knowledge of their ways outside of their own. Very stoic in practice , what is known is that only women can be priests called lilims and male members of certain rank are called "knights". Still in practice to this day they are highly selective of their members. It is believed they operate much like the contraversal free masons which have been the basis of conspiracy theorists for years in that they are behind all the major events that have occurred and that will. All this of course is speculation.
My brother has kept to himself since becoming a practicer of sziedi
by Maxwell102 November 30, 2007
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