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The worst kind of person, is a 'Syrem'. You cannot fully construct a meaning that fully encompasses what this vicious substance conducts of; If you're a Syrem, you are disgusting, loathesome, vile, distasteful, wrathful, belligerent, agoraphobic, and more. Syrems are human fecal matter. They are the lowest of the low. They transcend all forms of immorality. It is the very worst of being; to be called an Syrem is to have your very soul ripped apart and shit on. I say that the being "Syrem" is the worst thing that roams the universe. More worse than a child molester, or a hermaphrodite, or even a loot stealer.

This is a being who is completely worthless. An ankle-biting, washed-up rat bastard you'd rather see tied to the back of a car and driven through the fast line than anywhere else. Syrem(s) can be in all forms, watch out. They roam in all parts of the world and are even rumoured to contract STD's... Watch out for this species
" Dude! That Syrem just bit my dick off and shoved it down his ass! "

" He did that to me too!! What a fucker! "
by fzn August 28, 2013
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