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Someone that plays synthesizers when he/she isn’t listening to them, taking about them, thinking about them, blogging about them, reading about them or planning his/her next synthesizer related purchase.
Likes to patch at ridiculous hours of the morning and turns the amp up as loud as humanly possible so that everyone else within the radius of Chernobyl can enjoy it as well. They own a specific pot dedicated to different types of audio cables and more often than not keep they’re favourite synth somewhere close by for emergencies.
After a successful night out Dylan decided he was feeling creative and it was time to craft a new wave/synthpop patch on the Korg MS2000. His neighbours however, were not synthaniacs and so, did not agree.

"Some F*ckface just beat me for that Juno on ebay, now I gotta spend all day looking for a new one."
by lenis23 January 04, 2009
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