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System of a Down's retarded cousin band. Typically, the band is kept chained to the furnace in the basement when not on tour/field trip. Known for their colourful finger painted album covers, Syndrome of a Down is a vocal advocate for public acceptance of Velcro shoes, the destigmatization of sweat pants, and an end to cruel and unusual haircuts. Often their lyrics will focus on current issues of the day, such as having pooped one's pants, being given a time out, or not getting chocolate pudding for lunch. Syndrome of a Down's musical style has been likened to the sound one would expect to be caused by trying to cram a live cat down a toilet, bashing pots and pans together randomly, constant electrical feedback, and random guitar sounds, all of which are combined into some of the most horrendous "music" ever made.
Syndrome of a Down pulled up to the venue in their short bus. Once the handler had got them off the bus, they walked in together, each hanging on to the belt of the person in front of them. They then played their set, leaving the audience speechless and in a state resembling PTSD. After the show, the band went to McDonald's to celebrate a job well done.
by Greg the Angry Pole February 03, 2008
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