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Sylvenot is a meme page ran by a kid named Jackson. Jackson himself is a huge fucking weeb. Most of his posts either consist of weeb shit or memes. But regardless, his account has snas and that’s cool- and I don’t think I’ve ever perceived a guy drinking an empty soda can cute until recently.
“Sylvenot and Sans are in a very close relationship atm, I think there’s some gay shit on hentai haven of them fucking- wait nevermind that’s just sylvenots sexual fantasies”
by coolkidpp July 20, 2018
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Jackson, a person who runs a meme page on the social platform, Instagram. Sylvenot currently has 17.9K followers at the moment. He usually tends to post a pinch of anime, since we all know the fact he's an epic weeb and the rest of his content are just epic shitposts.
Person 1: Damn, nobody cares about my Fortnite wins.
Person 2: Yeah, Sylvenot doesn't care as well, nor his Splatoon wins, pretty old.
by Lewbys May 27, 2018
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A meme page on instagram by the username “sylvenot”. An extremely gay weeb who loves anime tiddy as much as he loves his gf and plays a lot of nintendo games especially Splatoon. He posts funny haha memes so funny hhahahahahhah
Bob: Hey do you know who Sylvenot is?
Jerry: Oh, isn’t that the weeb who can’t stop watching hentai?
by UwUDestroyer69 May 27, 2018
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