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Sylva is the best friend you could ever have. She’s caring and kind. Funny and is always laughing. But she can be annoying at times. DO NOT get on her bad side. Overall she’s an awesome person unless you get on her bad side.
Sylva: *uncontrullably laughing*
Friend: what’s so funny?
Sylva: that joke!
Friend: it’s litterly the worst pun ever
Sylva: so?
by Anxiety_Freak November 25, 2019
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Has an amazing sense of humor and is probably the funniest person you'll ever meet. She bullies all her friends and will probably be famous one day but then get in a scandal and loose it all.
by Gucciflipflops420 October 04, 2019
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Possibly worse than Cullowhee, Sylva is a small town in North Carolina. It wont ever be mentioned or found on a map because it's full of mindless rednecks that are worse than you can even imagine. The nearest mall is over an hour away. All that's taught here is religion and racism, and if you want to escape, you pretty much have to do drugs, or be a nerd and spend your social life on the internet like me. Don't ever visit. You will regret it.

If you do decide to visit, make sure to bring plenty of firearms. I'd hate for you to lose your soul to this county of idiotic zombies. (:
"Have you heard of that place in North Carolina? I think it's called Sylva."

"No. . ."
by Chelsea White May 03, 2008
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