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Medium sized German island on the North Sea coast of Jutland. Ellenbogenspitze on it's north side is the most northerly point in Germany. Sylt is a very trendy and popular vacation spot for wealthy Germans but is almost unknown to anyone outside of Germany, Denmark or the low countries. It is an island of quiet farms, sheep pastures, picturesque thatched cottages and long stretches of protected sand dunes. In the summer, Sylt's beaches and spas team with vactioners and windsurfers during the day while at night Everyone goes out to bars and lounges in Westerland and Kampen. When winter settles in the island is a desolate, wind-scoured sand bar populated by a hardy crew of locals. Sometimes Sylters are thought of as being snobby to outsiders, but this usually directed toward the tourists and obnoxious summer crowd who clog up the roads and establishments and looking to score with any girl they can.
To an American, Sylt can be thought of as being is similar to the Hamptons in NY or Cape Cod in MA.
Returning vacationer: Hey guys, I just got back from my trip to Sylt!

Guys: Umm, Where?!!
by 07079 January 13, 2009
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