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Small town in Talladega County, Alabama. Also known to be the birth place of Ricky Bobby and the only recorded place that a woman has been struck by a meteor.
Im going down to Sylacauga this weekend to get hit by a meteor.
by 1500Dodge02 May 20, 2009
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very small rural town in Alabama about 45 minutes from Birmingham AL. Birthplace of Gomer Pyle (The Andy Griffin Show).

Sylacauga's marble quarries produce the finest whitest marble in all the world hence the nick name The Marble City. There is marble from Sylacauga in structures all over the nation and abroad. From the Capitol all the way to the Taj Mahal. Yes...the one and only.

It is situated inside of the Coosa Valley.

Sylacauga is an Indian word that means "buzzards roost."

Sylacauga is the only place on earth where anyone has recorded being hit by a meteorite...(i think it her leg and she lived...i know her last name was Hodges.)

Sylacauga had a population of 12,616 with 5,748 housing units; a land area land area of 18.53 sq. miles; a water area of 0.11 sq. miles; and a population density of 680.98 people per sq. mile for Census 2000.

With all that said i hate living here. OMG i cant wait to leave this bitch!!!!
I got to get the fuck out of Sylacauga!
by boyfromhere January 09, 2010
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