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A very beautiful girl with skin so fair she sparkles under the sunlight. When she walks into a room everyone would stop and stare. All the boys want to be with her and all the girls want to kill her. She smells of freshly baked vanilla cupcake with a hint of sweet strawberries. Her body is God's masterpiece and her eyes will pierce everyones heart. One might mistaken her as a Goddess as she never ages and stays beautiful aa years goes by.

She is not only beautiful but smart as well. She is the picture of perfection, the only girl you ever want to be with. Her smile makes you laugh and her laugh will make you go crazy. You would give all that you have just to be by her side. Once you get a Syikin you will never go back. Dont ever make her sad because you will forever regret.
She looks as breathtakingly beautiful as she was 10 years ago. I swear she is a Syikin
by Shqnism December 30, 2017
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A girl with great personalities and weird attitudes.
His girlfriend is so syikin
by Ballalala12 December 29, 2017
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Syikin usually the hottest among all of her friend. She’s crazy but cute at the same time. A guy would’nt know that he loves a Syikin until he realize that he has fallen for her laugh and her smile. A Syikin will complete your life and once you met a Syikin, you can never live without her.
‘I love your laugh babe. You’re a so Syikin
by ProfessorAllen April 22, 2018
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