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all-boys selective high school in Sydney, consistently ranked around 25th best high school in NSW, Australia.
non-selective kid: what high school do you go to?
Sydney Tech kid: Sydney Tech
non-selective kid: oh... (feeling a little sorry for him/her self)
by 2pac4lyf June 10, 2008
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The current brother school of St George Girls High School. The school is filled with perverts of all different kinds. Every year, they are forced to the "School Dance" where both Sydney Tech and St George are meant to "mingle" and be friendly.

Most people in St George do not go.

Although they have shortcomings (perverted, and an assortment of other words I'd rather not say) they have a really nice yearbook... Damn, why don't other schools get it?! Urgh.
St George Girl: Eeew. It's a Techie... Run AWAAAAAYYYYYY~!

Sydney Tech stands for Sydney Technical High School...
by A St George Girl July 22, 2009
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house of homo;

commonly described with the word zayd
sydney tech is so zayd
by "E" February 20, 2004
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