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A girl who's very non-judgemental, loves to have fun and isn't a slut or a whore but still is one sexy also independent and sweet talker. She seems to be mean but really she cares. Her heart is like a locked box full of secrets and is only opened to add more never give them away. She's insecure even though she doesn't realise she's beautiful. She's smart and her smile makes your heart skip a beat. If you date her she'd never cheat you but would break you like a stick if you cheated on her. She is the best bestfriend you could ever wish for and is an amazing person. When you become friends its for life. To her each friend is a precious gem. And when your down she knows how to make yo smile. Also secret keeper and she have her own's circle
by Johnjohnyy April 22, 2018
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1 A very beautiful and sexy female
2 Beautiful smile and laughter
3 Graceful, full of beauty, inside and out
4 A female who is often very sizziling in her temperament, termed as `too hot to handle
5 Not a bitch
' i want to marry her, she is so syaza'
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by Alexander peka 3 December 27, 2016
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