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A shy person, also have a kindness and sometimes too clumsy. SYAH like to talk anythings problems to his friends or just save it self. Hard to make a choice for own life need others opinion and SYAH can suitable their self anywhere he go.
"You so shy, like SYAH"
"He like to keep his problem himself, just like SYAH"
by Anaqi Syah Putra April 22, 2018
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Ken Master's favourite (and only) battle cry
watch street fighter 2 V, you'll know what i'm talking bout
by Viewtiful J October 04, 2003
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Girlfriend: "I'm a loyal Christian! I can't give up my hymen's virginity"
Boyfriend: "It's alright, tonight I'll just SYAH"
by Oompaloompa69 March 31, 2017
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