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A person who is considered extremely attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, hot, etc. Sworthy is a portmanteau that derives from the words swoon + worthy = someone who is worthy of swooning over; a hottie worthy of praise.
1: All the girls fawned over his sworthy guitar skills.

2: Dude! That chick is mad sworthy!
by KamikazeKitty July 04, 2009
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Ugly, nasty, butch, rough around the edges
That is one sworthy old guy
by Shinkronson July 20, 2004
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Sworthy is a person, mainly female, who is hotter than hot.
You'll explode in your pants by just looking at her.
Sworthy derives from the words Splooge and Worthy. Obviously by combining the two, you get, Sworthy.
1: Dude, that chick is so hot! The sight of that greatness might make me cream my pants!
2: Holy shit, you're right. She is mad sworthy!
by More-No August 11, 2008
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