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Swobble is an abbreviation for "Swear on the Holy Bible". Also, When you "swobble" on something, you are saying that what you said is true or affirmative and if it turns out to be false, you get two slaps to the face with no resistance allowed
I swobble I didn't eat the cake in the fridge, it was someone else!
by Bigmangeoff August 06, 2018
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to swobble means rating the usability of things in the internet like websites and web-applications.
Gary swobbled and came to the conlusion that its a good place to shop online.
by charles de gaulles March 02, 2009
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To take two or more penises insert them into your mouth and "swab" them with your tongue
Jordan attempted to get a swobble going on the bus but no one was acknowledging him
by Pseudorififc November 20, 2008
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