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1. (now) A dark-skinned, physically fit person from Switzerland, especially a person of, or primarily of, Negro descent; a black swiss person.
2. (offensive) A person of Negro descent who acts in an unapproved manner in Switzerland, usually as an archetypical badass.
3. (slang) Mispronunciation spelling of "Schwarzenegger".

(Swissniggers, present participle; swissniggering, past and past participle; swissniggered)
1. (transitive) To act like you love products from Switzerland despite your skin colour being dark.
2. (intransitive) To behave as a stereotypical black person from Switzerland.
1) Person (a): This guy looks like he's been working out!
Person (b): Well of course! After all he's a nigger, a swissnigger.

2) Andre! Please stop swissniggering around and get back to work.
by Eric Container October 01, 2019
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