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-Usually a verb; used to describe the act of a large man, shoving large objects in the asses of many, at one time.
-also used for the act of "sodomy with an iron fist!!", fucking a lot of people over at once, not giving a fuck in a way that fucks everybody else over, or just doing fucked up shit to people for the entertainment of onesself.
-There are few that can dodge being "Swierbed", but those lucky few usually find it hilarious and entertaining to watch others be "Swierbed"!!
-Undeniably, it is impossible to not to be entertained by a good ol fashioned swierbing.... like a train wreck, sucks to watch, but impossible to ignore!!!
"dude, i just got fuckin swierbed, after i cleaned the whole freakin bathroom at work, some fat kid who's stomach was upset from an overdose of whiskey and avocado's came in and shit all over the floor!!"

"Man, i i feel like i got hit with a freight train... me and 3 of my bro's got fucked up last night, and some bigass dude came outta the alley behind steak n' shake, and fuckin swierbed all of us... i dont think i will walk right for a 3 weeks..."
by jrock1986 October 27, 2011
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