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A general exlamation or adjective. Useful for when more widespread words elude you.

Origins: Kings' Heath, Birmingham / Redditch, Worcestershire. Originally derived from the name 'Adam West,' a prominent local celebrity known to perform street magic and stripteases.
"You're a bit of a swest!"
"Ahh Swest! I just dipped my elbow in that stool sample!"
by Ludwig van Funkenstein August 24, 2007
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A sweater with a checkered pattern on the chest, and a solid color on the arms. Usually worn by douchebags or ponces.
Matt: What the hell is Jason wearing.

Jim: That my friend is a swest.

Matt: What a ponce...
by theedingo November 10, 2010
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Mikey "Its a marvel of the english language"
Two stories of origin:
A couple guys on a chair lift in Vermont making up words combining existing words, in this case "Sweet" and "Best".
And the other possible origin giving 'Swest' a new meaning...
A group of stoners bought the biggest rolling papers they could find, attached several together around a wooden table leg and filled it with greenery. The Joint was named 'Swest'
it replaces words such as cool, sweet, nice, awesome, and a large doobie, joint, gagger, blunt, johnny etc...
by bouton October 05, 2005
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